Saturday, June 04, 2005

what a day

What a day. Things you should do when your sick: Rest , Drink plenty of liquids. What not to do when your sick. Decide to rent a rug doctor and clean two rooms. Move any thing that requires two people. I took the kids and we got a rug doctor. We got the machine and then went to eat at old country buffet. When we got home Lori had already removed every thing from the bed room. I started the cleaning which went vary well. As I was cleaning Breanna's tooth came out.It's very strange when you start measuring all the solutions and by the end you just guess. We probably should have stop with the bed room. We moved all the stuff out of the family room. I started cleaning the carpet in the family room and Lori started to move the stuff back into the bed room. After a trip to shopko(to get more solution) and KFC to feed the family I finished the family room. Again we should have stopped. As I was using the upholstery cleaner the machine leaked all over the kitchen. I then moved the big chair from the family room up to the bed room all by myself. I knocked Lori's painting off the wall no damage. Lori was setting my side of the select comfort bed. We could not get it to hold it's setting. After some investigation we found a hole on my side of the bed(duck tape does not plug holes on a select comfort bed). Even after all of that we still decided to swap the couch from the family room with the set from the basement. First was the couch from upstairs to down stairs. Lori was on the bottom side of the couch and the plan was to go one step at a time. Well the couch got stuck and then unstuck and we went from one step to all the steps at once. We were very lucky that Lori fell out of the way so the couch did not land on her. After a lot of how are we going to get this through the door we had the other set up stairs.(no broken bones). Just when you think we are done. Lori took the dog up stairs for bed the dog marked her territory. Well I am going to sleep in the family room(I hope we can fix the bed). I don't know if I need it but I am going to go take my sleeping pill.


At 6:33 AM, Blogger Dr.John said...

How did you have enough energy left to write it all down?

At 5:36 AM, Blogger Patrick said...

What do you mean. Duck tape could not fix the bed. I though Duck tape could fix everythign. Sounds like a very busy weekend.


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