Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We have a leopard in our house

Tonight when Pete got home we dropped off a stamp it up order before heading to the mall to get Breanna a leopard print vest.She now has a black shirt with leopard print, a jacket with leopard print, a pair of jeans with leopard print belt and patches, and now a vest. I sure hope this print is not out of style soon because she is wearing it until she goes to college!

We also found some tap shoes (usually this feels like a treasure hunt but this year we found them at the first place we looked) and also slippers for her to wear with her princess costume. We also picked up a couple of shirts and pants for Luke since the ones we bought before for winter are too big.

Speaking of Luke, he did much better in preschool today and even got a paper apple with a note on it from his teacher saying he played very well today...whew! He is not going on Friday to class since they have a field trip to Heritage Hill and not enough parents are allowed to go so we are keeping him home rather than send him with someone we do not know. I am not sure how much a four year old cares about old buildings anyway.

Talked to my friend from Fond du Lac today who told me her parents had moved to the area but were not able to get into their apartment until Nov. 1 and would have had to rent a furnished place for a month...sounds familiar to me. Her parents ended up driving all the way to California and are spending a couple weeks with a relative. Somehow I do not think John and Betty want to travel for three months out of the year! We keep telling them they can stay here but they are not sure what they are doing yet. (The house across the street from us went up for sale!)

We have not heard from Pennie yet so maybe I misread her e-mail and she is not coming tonight.

Pete and I are going to walk 10,000 steps every day and whatever we need to do before the end of the day, we will walk it together. We really need to focus on our health. I started lifting arm weights, using the Weight Watchers point system and walking more.

Have a good one!...Lori


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