Saturday, August 27, 2005

Artstreet and more

This morning Pete dropped me off downtown so mom and I could take in Artstreet. I always feel inspired after seeing all the artists and want to have a booth there someday and I will when my 'mom duties' do not require so much of my time. While we were there, Pete and the kids went to the library and Breanna checked out three books.

It was VERY crowded at Artstreet and I was ready to go home by the third booth but I took a deep breath and concentrated on why I was there and once I settled down, it went better. Thanks to mom for putting up with me and my crowd phobia. I get to go through it again tomorrow when we go to the Brewer game.

Pete and I did a great job cleaning the garage (yes, it continues). I offered to help and Pete had me sit at a table and go through bins. It just so happened that where I was sitting, I could not see how he was cleaning so I could not 'suggest' and there was no bad language and it all went well. We worked for two hours Friday and a few hours today. We took some boxes to Salvation Army which upset Luke because we donated the baby swing. Pete asked if I wante a receipt and I said yes. Breanna asked why we needed a receipt if we were not buying something but giving something which I thought was a good question. (I told her for tax purposes and she asked why do we have to pay taxes if we are GIVING it and I explained further. She will be hired at H & R Block next tax season!).

Tomorrow we will see Pat and the boys and the kids are excited about it. Go Brewers!

Have a good one.



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At 4:47 PM, Blogger Dr.John said...

Garage cleaning never ends. Could you use another gas can?


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