Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Don't Trust a Tech that can't count

I took a vacation day on Tue. I went to the doctor for an EEG. I thought the vampires were bad. I got to the appt and the Techs took me into a room. The male tech started to hook me up. The female who was there just to get a refresher made comments on every thing the male did. They finally got around to the test. He told me that he would shock my shoulder muscle 5 times with 5 zaps each time. They started the first shock and then when it was done they erased the data because the test was not setup right. So what should have taken 5 shocks ended up to 7 or 8. Then they wanted to a test on my face. They said they did not have a computer program to do this so they would use the same program but pretend that it was on the left shoulder.
I laid on my back while they looked at books to find out where to put the neutral lead. I asked, "Have you ever done this before" They said it was very rare. The male tech was about to shock behind the ear when he notices she had set the zaps to 10 instead of 5. After he talked her through the changes I asked you didn't add a zero to end because I don't want 50 zaps. The shocks on the face hurt more than ones on the back. They said it was because the face has more nerves. When it was all done I asked the male tech if the doctor was going to come in a stick me with a needle (because that’s what happened with the other test I had with this tech) he said maybe.
The Doctor came in and said he was not going to stick me with needles this time (YEAH!!) He said what he was looking for did not show up in the test. The next test is a skin graph in August to clearly identify the fiscular cramp syndrome.

We did clean the part of garage. I do have a different way of cleaning that’s why I like to clean by myself. I also did some cleaning in the basement. I cleaned and listened to music and Luke danced.

I also replaced my mattress and put the new foam top on the bed and put the new sheets on the bed.

May report more tonight.



At 5:02 PM, Blogger Peter said...

nice job dad sea yah breanna

At 5:50 AM, Blogger Patrick said...

Wow I thought shock treatment went out long time ago. Pennie isnt shock treatments illigal now? LOL I had and something like that done before but dont remember any shocks. Did not sound very fun. Hope they find what there looking for. Oh any I always clean alone cuz theres nobody else to help clean. Well except the boys but they can only manage about 1 hour.


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