Monday, July 18, 2005

Breanna's quote of the week

Breanna asked us if Grandpa Linna had married us and we said yes. She said, "Wow, I have the coolest family!"

Yesterday Pennie took the kids to have pictures taken and they turned out wonderful. Now she is trying to figure out when to do Pat's boys and I told her if she wanted to go to Madison some weekend, I would go with her (we all probably would). Pete and I did the grocery shopping while they were getting their pictures done. It felt strange not having the kids there and the car was quiet.

Today, we played outside in the pool. Breanna had to go in to use the restroom but we were locked out! I looked for the key but it was not where it usually is. I had to go to the neighbors house (the same one who came over and Maya yanked me out of the chair and jumped all over the neighbor) to call Pete. He was not at his desk or answering his cell phone. So, I went back and looked some more and finally found the key...whew.

Tonight after dinner, we went to a sporting goods store to look for a jogging stroller. I need a quality stroller for when Luke goes to Preschool this fall and I have to go get him. It is three miles one way so I want one with a winter cover on it. We found one at Dick's but are going to comparison shop. They had a lot of camping stuff for sale so I called Pat later and left a message of what he would like for camping gear for Christmas and to either call me or put it on his wish list on his blog.

Then we noticed that there were FOUR duplexes for rent two blocks from our house. I took down all the phone numbers and called them. Two were not home and the other two were similar in price at $600 a month. Both have two large bedrooms. One is a six month lease and then month to month after that and the other is a year lease. I am not having much luck finding month to month lease that are also nice enough places.

Pete had a good day at work and got his steps in.

Have a good one.



At 4:21 AM, Blogger Dr.John said...

I thought only Betty misplaced keys.


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