Sunday, October 30, 2005

Searching and shredding

Well, guess what I did most of this weekend? You guessed it, shredding papers in the shredder.

This all started because we could not find the note from the bank in Crystal saying we paid off our van five years ago and we spent all night looking through boxes of documents. Finally, Pete called the bank and they are sending us the document we need. Meanwhile, we decided to start shredding because we do not need bank statements from eight years ago, health statements from the last 12 years or insurance statements or work statements from whom we are no longer with. So, I watched the Packers lose while shredding documents with the new shredder Pete got for me because we could not find the electical part for it to plug it in (it is probably with the bank document).

Then there was the whole deal we spent at the car dealership. Things were going well (sat through and listened to every thing they wanted us to buy and I said "no") until the financial lady showed up and ignored me. My biggest pet peeve, umfortunately for her, is snippy sales people. I got a little snippy with her (she did it first) and finally we cooled down but she totally ignored me the rest of the time and the next day even though she said we were all set and could leave before we gave her the down payment. I asked if she wanted the down payment and she said, "Oh, well, we would have realized it by the time you got home anyway."

I feel bad about stooping to her level and being snippy and have decided I do not need to do that and could have walked out and will do so in the future (which is what I normally do but I couldn't let this one go). Poor Pete was stuck in the chair in the corner and had to watch the whole thing unfold.

Tomorrow Luke gets to wear his costume for Halloween to school and the parents are invited to watch the costume parade before class starts so that will be fun.

Now, where did I put that costume???



At 9:10 PM, Blogger Patrick said...

I absolutly hate snippy car sales people. When I bought that other van the first sales person in IM was very snippy. So I left went to another car place got the same van for less and then every saterday I would take it to that car place and make them wash it for free. HE HE He. Revenge is a dish best served wet. LOL

I hope you like your new van .

At 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate snippy sales people to but then I don't really like any car salesman because they are too pushy.
Betty really resonated with your document search because we just went through it looking for the sales receipt from Wall Mart for the DVD player. Then after two days of searching we found it and Wall Mart said we didn't really need it.
Grampa John

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Personal Diatribes said...

Very interesting blog. I don't like snippy salespeople either. You might like my blog at
I am bookmarking yours for future reference.
Angry old man

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Sister Chris said...

Can we use your shredder?? Our computer room--aka the "studio" is also becomming the "through all the papers into room". I am also bad about hanging on to old papers, but mostly, old credit card offers, which I never intend on applying, I just like the thought that they asked. I really need to start organizing. Oh, by the way, I don't know if you will get it or not, but I e-mailed Bree and Luke a cute e-mail Halloween card. See you soon!
Chris and George


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