Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We had a good weekend. We went to church Sunday where there was a guest pastor since the current one is on vacation. The last time we went there was a guest pastor for the same reason. I am assuming the current pastor goes to church more often than we do but so far I am not so sure.

After church we went grocery shopping and then home to watch the Super Bowl. I really wanted the Steelers to win for three reasons;1. I did not like the way Holmgren left Green Bay 2. I saw an earlier program that showed the coach of the Steelers ten years ago consoling his young daughters when they lost the Super Bowl saying "You cannot win them all" and 3. I wanted the Bus to get his ring.

Last night I went to watch Breanna at dance class and then I had to go to a meeting at Luke's school because they are having an Art Show where they show artwork the students have done this year. I signed up to make two things which I am excited about. The next time we meet we will be setting up for the show and it sounds like it is a lot of work but the kids really like it.

Pete is all happy because he got some money for his birthday and decided to get a dvd recorder(burner) which he purchased yesterday. Last night he burned a dvd from the dvr where Breanna had recorded a musical from Disney. Sure enough this morning I got up and she is watching it on the dvd player her granparents gave us for Christmas rather than watching it on the regular tv. Everytime she had to leave to go change or put the dog out or whatever, she paused the player. Times sure have changed since I was a kid getting ready for school.

Luke came into our room this morning wearing his batman cape and his pirate hat demanding something (always a blur when I first wake up). I always thought Breanna wore a lot of costumes, but Luke wears something different several times a day. At least he stopped wearing Breanna's dresses which Pete is happy about.

Have a good one...Lori


At 4:57 AM, Blogger Dr.John said...

Glad the Christmas gift is being used, I dom't like Holmgren either but its because of the way he treated their kicker. There are lots of good reasons to dislike Holmgren. Of course he couldn't say something like you can't win them all . He had to say " we had to play the men in the striped shirts as well as the other team (he is not a good loser).
You may have a budding actor on your hands.
Grampa John

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Pennie said...


I think it is good to try on new personalities each day. I also agree about the Super Bowl situation. I would find myself routing for hasslebeck and then they would show holgren and I would say Oh yeah I didn't like how you left my favorite team. The packers of course. So I would go back to routing for the other team.



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