Monday, August 29, 2005

judge judy or trudy by brea

today we watched judge judy .On the amanda show its judge trudy and the kid always is found not guilty! One time the parent made the kid take a bath and was found guitly and then the danceing lobsters gave her a yucky bath! The danceing lobsters always come in at the end of the trial.

Brewer game

Now I can finally say I have been to Miller park to see the Brewers. Luke kept thinking we were going "to play at the park". We picked up Pennie and met Pat and the boys.(We had Elijah's birthday persent but left it at home!) It was perfect weather and we sat way up high but I liked it because I could see the whole park and I was grateful we were not sitting in the sun.

The only bad part was Pete missed both Brewer home runs because he had to take Luke to the bathroom and we all missed the first one because we did not get to our seat in time. We sang 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' and 'God Bless America' where I got goose bumps. The Brewers lost to the Braves. Time goes by faster when you are at the game than it does watching the game on tv.

After the game we went to eat at Fuddrucker's, one of our favorite places to eat. We got home just after eight so it was a good day. Luke talked the whole way home so he would not fall asleep. The one thing I remember is him asking Pete, "Dad, did you know three toed sloths are slow?"

And all is right with the world.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Artstreet and more

This morning Pete dropped me off downtown so mom and I could take in Artstreet. I always feel inspired after seeing all the artists and want to have a booth there someday and I will when my 'mom duties' do not require so much of my time. While we were there, Pete and the kids went to the library and Breanna checked out three books.

It was VERY crowded at Artstreet and I was ready to go home by the third booth but I took a deep breath and concentrated on why I was there and once I settled down, it went better. Thanks to mom for putting up with me and my crowd phobia. I get to go through it again tomorrow when we go to the Brewer game.

Pete and I did a great job cleaning the garage (yes, it continues). I offered to help and Pete had me sit at a table and go through bins. It just so happened that where I was sitting, I could not see how he was cleaning so I could not 'suggest' and there was no bad language and it all went well. We worked for two hours Friday and a few hours today. We took some boxes to Salvation Army which upset Luke because we donated the baby swing. Pete asked if I wante a receipt and I said yes. Breanna asked why we needed a receipt if we were not buying something but giving something which I thought was a good question. (I told her for tax purposes and she asked why do we have to pay taxes if we are GIVING it and I explained further. She will be hired at H & R Block next tax season!).

Tomorrow we will see Pat and the boys and the kids are excited about it. Go Brewers!

Have a good one.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

time is as time go by brea

finaly Mackenzies letter came ! I finneshed my story the war of the aunt and june bugs ! the crazy object breanna!

Monday, August 22, 2005

the weekend by Lori

We had a pretty good weekend here at the Linna household. Pete mowed the grass with the riding mower and the kids said it looked like he was having fun. He also trimmed some bushes and trees in the back so he wouldn't get hit by the branches as he rode through at fifty miles an hour. I think for Christmas I will get him a helmet.

We went shopping at Target and bought Luke some school clothes which included new shoes, some jeans and a jean jacket which Luke thought was "way too cool" and actually wore it in the store before we checked out. I hope he does not ask for a motorcycle next! Breanna already has school clothes but we did pick up a couple items and new shoes for her as well which are a lot like last years shoes. Pete bought water and soda and I bought some clear pie plates to put in my two tier pie plate holder which has been empty for two years (it takes me awhile). I put fruit in the pie plate holder thingy and the kids and Pete all commented on it and thought it was cool. (We do not get out much so these little things are exciting to us).

I taught Breanna how to play cribbage and wouldn't you know, she beat me! She wants to learn canasta, but I will leave that job to Pete since he is much better and has more experience than I do. Plus he loves the game sooooooo much!

We watched the Packers lose although Brett looked good. We are trying to come up with a new slogan for the famous fence on Lombardi which has a new slogan painted every year. The winner get their bedroom painted so we are all thinking hard but not coming up with anything clever. While the Packers were losing, I painted a new sign with flowers on it for my sister-in-law as her birthday is this week.

Luke fell asleep on the couch during the day on Sat. so Pete and Breanna went grocery shopping. We are going to try to eat at home all week although the weather looks cooler so the kids and I may walk down to McDonalds one more time before school starts.

Haven't heard from Pat and we are wondering if the Brewer game is still on for the 28th. I imagine Pete will call him as we get closer to the date to find out what is going on. We are looking forward to it.

Pennie stopped in last night and had tacos with us and I dumped my glass of soda all over the table...hate when that happens! Luckily everyone was already done eating.

Have a good week!

Love, Lori

Friday, August 19, 2005

long talk by brea

kenzie needs to get a stamp from her mom yet! Grampa I can't e-mail soon cause my e-mail is what I call sick . my dad might fix it soon though! the crazy object breanna

long talk by brea

kenzie needs to get a stamp from her mom yet! Grampa I can't e-mail soon cause my e-mail is what I call sick . my dad might fix it soon though! the crazy object breanna

Thursday, August 18, 2005

wait wait waiting by brea

I've been waiting for ever for the so called letter that mackenzie said she was going to send ! The first time she sent it there was a pencil in it so they sent it back. The last thing I heard from her is that her mom needs to put stamp on it ! That was last week thursday ! I have a letter waiting for her all I need is her letter for her address! Oh yes grandpa I will be you e-mail pal once i get my e-mail just right and I get your address! BFN (BYE FOR NOW) the crazy oject breanna

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don't hit your sister with the cheese by Lori

Luke and Breanna were eating cheese sticks and Breanna told me some of the sticks were too hard and she hit the table with it to show me. Luke saw this and hit Breanna with his own cheese stick and that is when I said, "Don't hit your sister with the cheese!" and we all laughed because it sounded so ridiculous.

Today we walked down to the school to see if they posted the classes yet and they had not. We then went on to the playground area where Luke played and Breanna tested her roller skates. She is getting better but still has trouble stopping. We went back home and Luke had a bath while Breanna redecorated her doll house. I agreed to host a jewelry party on October 19 as a favor to a neighbor and will be the one party I host a year otherwise Pete will leave me because I go nutty getting the house ready. I do have Merry Maid gift certificates from my mother and Pennie from Christmas and I will use it for that purpose. I am hoping to get some more painting done before then.

Luke made up a new joke today. "What does a mom alarm sound like?" Give up? "MAMAMAMAMAMAMMAMAMAMAMAMAMMAMAMAMAMA"
I thought that was pretty good for a four year old.

Have a good one!


Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy 75th by Lori

Today is my dad's 75th birthday. I invited him and Helen over but Helen had to go to Atlanta because her sister passed away this past weekend from cancer. Dad came over and so did my brother and his kids. I made the family favorite, hamburger sandwhiches which are made with french bread and baked in the oven. The last time I made them I think was when the Packers were in the Super Bowl. Anyway, dad always liked them when my mom made them and hasn't had them for at least 13 years. The kids had a blast blowing out grandpa's candles.

Pete wanted me to tell the goose poop story. Luke,Breanna and I were watching a show where they were showing a house for sale for 4 million dollars. (I would have bought it for the parents but it has too many stairs for John and probably for most people). Anyway, it was gaudy, had a lot of stuff and there were a lot of geese leaving their droppings all over. I said I would not buy this house because it was gaudy. Breanna said she would not buy it because it had too much junk. Luke said he would not buy it because there was "too much goose poop!" Breanna and I agreed with him.

Got the bushes trimmed this weekend finally. Pete cleaned the kids bathroom. It must have been really bad for him to clean it! I also paid the bills (took a hour and a half) and we are not allowed to spend any more money until the beginning of the month, which month is the question.

We went to St.John's this weekend and Luke answered a question at the childrem's message. The pastor asked what she had (it was a loom) and Luke answered, "I know, it's a thing!" He was the only kid to answer. The two assoc. pastors know of John and have been to the church in Crystal Falls. Their names were not in the bulletin. We will find out next week when they have the service outside and BBQ.

I liked several things about this church. They had a nursery and gave parents a vibrating pager in case they were needed. They had similar songs as United, the pastors all had microphones so I could hear them all clearly at all times, they baptized the baby (a real cutie) right away so the parents do not have to sit through the whole service waiting and could relax after it was over, there were a lot of young families. Breanna liked it because they knew grandpa. Also, they brought the kids from the nursery out for the children's message so it surprised us to see Luke.

Have a good one!

Water Water Water

Pretty good weekend. We went to church. We went to St. Johns. It was a good service. I learned about Peter bringing someone back from the dead. We went to Breakfast at Mcdonalds.
Luke was not feeling well. He slept the whole day. He started to feel better at 10:00pm. Breanna and I went Grocery Shopping and then played football. On Sat I cleaned the kids bathroom and Lori trimmed the bushes. We went to the Denny's for supper and the went shopping at the Mall. We were looking for a birthday gift for grampa Starks. Breanna said we could get grampa a candy apple . Luke said we can't a candy apple because Grampa does not have teeth. He thought we were talking about Grampa Linna. Lori will have to tell you about the Goose poop story. Three days with no soda. I have not got better yet.I will try for a whole week. All I have been drinking is water. Well
I better go to work.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

new pen pal by brea

mackenzie my best freind moved away but not to far ! she's going to be my new pen pal ! thats all I have to say today bfn (bye for now) the crazy objet breanna

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Our Walk to McDonalds by Lori

All summer the kids have been waiting for it to be cool enough so we can walk to McDonalds which we had done several times last summer. This week was supposed to be cooler so I asked Pete for $10 in case we decided to go on the walk.

First thing Wed. morning, Breanna asked if we could go. I said I would rather wait until Thurs. because it is supposed to be cooler. She asked when I would make the decision and I made the mistake of saying when Luke woke up, I would check the weather. A short time later after Breanna had disappeared, Luke came down, yawning, and asking if we could go to McDonalds. I asked if Breanna woke him up and told him to ask me and he said yes. Well, we decided to go and try out the jogging stroller. So far, I do not like the stroller because it wants to go to the left all the time and I am fighting with it all the time. It also has the rubber handle that makes your hands smell like burnt rubber. Breanna took her scooter and away we went. We are both out of shape because we had to pause at the top of each hill and catch our breath. We finally get to the place and the stroller is too long to try to get through all the doors but there were some nice people who helped us out and got us all in.

I wanted breakfast but the kids wanted lunch.It just so happened they were serving both when we arrived so we lucked out there. The total came to $10.55 so I was going to change the order but the nice lady said she would take care of it. We fight our way to the play area (note I am only fighting the stroller) and there are no other kids so the kids had it all to themselves. I went to refill my sods and there was a worker with Downs Syndrome who informed be that the next day was Thursday. I said, "Yes, it is, you are right" She said, "I am going to see the Packer game!" I said, "You are? How did you get tickets? They are very hard to get." She said her brother gave them to her and I asked her who her favorite player is and she said Brett Favre and I said, "Me too! His number is four" and she was happy I knew the number.

Breanna went to the restroom and found 26 cents in her jeans and gave it to our cashier to help cover the 55 cents. We fought out way out of there and walked home and it was much hotter, but we made it and we were glad to be home.

We met a lot of nice people on our trip.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Weekend by Lori

Pete and the kids were up early Sat. so they went to Shopko for the early bird sale. On Sunday, we went to the church down the street from us. They did not have air conditioning so we baked. Luke piped up after the entrance hymn and asked, "Is it over yet, Dad?" He was squirrely during the whole thing but made it through. I had a strong urge to stand up during the sermon (which was about the lesson of Peter not having faith when he started to sink after walking on water to meet Jesus) and shout, "Wrap it up, pastor! I'm sinking! I get it!" but I didn't and saved the family from another embarrassing moment. Pete wants to go and try the other church where Luke will be going to preschool. I really like the pastor at this first church and I suppose the sermon only seemed long because Luke was so squirrely and we were roasting.

Then we met my mother for brunch at the Holiday Inn. Afterwards,she and I went to the JC Penney sale and Pete and the kids went to Best Buy where they purchased a roller coaster game for the computer.

When we got home, we all took naps and Breanna played the new game while Luke watched and Pete and I watched 'Heaven Can Wait' one of my favorite movies even though I am not a fan of Warren Beatty.

Pete has been spraying a bee hive that is on our hous, and he thinks he finally got all the bees. Now he just has to get rid of the nest. There is another nest that is being built so he is going to spray it next. I am glad he is around to take care of those things because I would not and did not even know about either one.

We tried to wake up to watch the space shuttle land last night but it was delayed and neither one of us slept well not to mention all our allergies are causing havoc. Is the heat ever going to end? Thank goodness for central air!

Have a good one!


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Chicago trip Pete

I think the trip was great. I do think you need at least two days to see the park. I had fun swimming and watching the kids swim. I got to teach Breanna a little about the crawl and the pool was warm. Luke did some swimming even after getting a full face of water. The driving was not bad even though I took us on some scenic routes. I liked the hotel except the mattress. It's fun having breakfast with Brea in the morning. The train show was fun seeing Dad make his way all around the show was great. He was like a kid at christmas morning. My favorite part was going on the roller coasters with Breanna. She was scared but did it for me. That means a lot. I did not get to ride on one with Lori but when the kids get older we will all ride them. To Chris we will ride the Raging Bull Someday. Thanks to all, I went a vacation and did not get sick. Well I better go get ready for work. I better not take a sleeping pill now.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chicago trip by Lori

We had a great time on our trip. We all got there and back home safe and sound. Pennie and I think we should invent computer chip bracelets to rent at the parks so we can locate runaway kids and grandparents. After hearing what they went through in Las Vegas with the grandmas, seems like a good idea. I asked the family what their favorite part of weekend was. Breanna said it was seeing her cousins. Luke said it was being in the boat. Pete said it was going on the Whizzer roller coaster with Breanna, Pat, Alex and Chrissy. My favorite part is a three way tie between swimming, hearing Pat's contagious laugh, and drawing the seventh card TWICE to get red canastas (a first for me).

Another good thing that happened was Luke went to sleep for the first time at the same time as the rest of us at the hotel. Now we can go and stay at hotels more often and not deal with the situation of him not sleeping.

Maya was happy to see us and glad to be home as well. Today I made choc. chip cookies for the first time in a long time and Luke helped. You would think this was the highlight of the day, but the highlight was Breanna shaving her dad's back...always an interesting moment. Pete was at the district meeting today and won an award. I am so proud of him and the work he does providing for our family.

Luke's question of the week came yesterday when he was taking his bath. I told him I was going to make the bed and be right back. When I went back into the bathroom, he asked, "Mom, what kind of bed did you make?" FUNNY!

Have a good, Lori